Introduction to Demons in America

Demons in America is a special project born from my aspirations to address social issues that confound daily discourse and expose their advocates. The articles within Demons in America will address matters of contention in modern topics; the bearing of which will be an objective viewpoint that dissects them at a deep rhetorical level. The articles will cover a vast array of affairs ranging from political activism to atypical observations.

The site will be separated into several sections that contain the primary articles, a quipped blog, and a suggested reading and viewing list. Article releases are not scheduled and should be expected erratically at best. Discussion is encouraged with each posted article and will be lightly moderated for attenuation. Comments will remain open, as there is no deadline to an article’s discussion.

I hold two degrees in both liberal and fine arts. I’ve extensively studied anthropology, behavioral sciences, rhetoric, history, and literature. Beneath my degrees, I hold a keen respect and profound passion for science. Such interests inevitably spill over into political discourse, wherein I find myself comfortably positioned and the primary motivation for creating Demons in America.

The closest political affiliation I will align myself with is the Libertarian party. However, it will become quickly evident within my articles that I never fully comply with one ideology; I just supply this as a baseline for initial comprehension.

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